Lebenshaus Koinonia is located in the district of Freudenstadt in the Black Forest. Lebenshaus Koinonia is located about 15 km from the district town of Freudenstadt in the tranquil village of Wälde, which belongs to the municipality of Lossburg. In the midst of the Heimbach valley, Wälde has a very rural location and, with its 400 inhabitants, is very manageable and permeated by nature.

Our location makes it possible for children and young people to experience their childhood and adolescence in a way that is hardly conceivable in today's age of digital and media development. Especially for children and young people in the stationary area, such a resource is invaluable, as here the influence of digital media can be kept lower than, for example, in the urban area through active alternative offers in nature.

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" (African proverb)

Wälde stretches along the Heimbach stream, which on hot summer days invites you to take a walk along the stream. Likewise, the surrounding farms offer attractive opportunities to get to know the world of animals and plants in a whole new way. The familiar environment of the village gives children in particular a feeling of safety and security and helps them to quickly and easily find their way around their surroundings.


Despite our rural location in the middle of the Black Forest, there are good infrastructural connections from Wälde as far as buses and trains are concerned. Wälde is located on the direct route between Freudenstadt and Oberndorf, which ensures regular bus service to the district town of Freudenstadt.
From there, the larger cities such as Offenburg, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe are easily accessible by S-Bahn or train. The S-Bahn with a direct connection to Offenburg can even be reached at the station in Lossburg.


In the immediate vicinity of Wälde there are a number of different schools, kindergartens and institutions that cover various special educational needs and are mentioned below. We are already in good cooperation and communication with some of these institutions:


- the local kindergarten "Sonnenwiese" in Betzweiler-Wälde
- the speech therapy kindergarten in Dornstetten

Primary schools

- the local primary school in Betzweiler-Wälde


Secondary schools

- the John-Bühler-Realschule in Dornhan
- the community school in Lossburg


Schools with special educational needs profile

- Ludwig-Haap-Schule in Lossburg (special educational needs in the social-emotional area)
- Christopherusschule in Freudenstadt (special educational needs in the area of learning)
- Brüder-Grimm-Schule in Glatten (speech therapy school)


All schools, kindergartens and facilities are easily accessible by bus or taxi. In addition, there are other schools and facilities that can be cooperated with if necessary.

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