... The child and youth care facility

 The complete and detailed overview of the services is described in the concept. Here is an excerpt of an overview of the services. If you are interested in more detailed information, please contact us directly via the contact form.



Living space of approx. 1000sqm: mainly spacious single children's rooms; bright and spacious common rooms.
Indoor play area of approx. 200sqm: space to play & romp, for events and home cinema events.
Outdoor area of approx. 2000sqm: Courtyard and terrace for use for leisure activities; large area with stream and canal for use as a playground and sustainable energy production through hydroelectric power plant.

School and social support

Support in developing school and career prospects.
Learning support through homework assistance and individual tutoring.
Accompaniment by in-house reference persons in the school setting if required.


Individual leisure time activities according to the child's interests and talents (e.g. team or individual sports, Christian scouts,...).
Joint group excursions with experiential and nature education offers (e.g. hiking or cycling tours, stream walks or playing by the stream).
On-site leisure activities in individual and group settings (e.g. board and parlour games, indoor and outdoor exercise activities, cooking, baking and sewing together).

Participation/ co-determination of children and young people

Helping to shape everyday life and leisure time according to the child's level of development.
Co-determination of rules and manners according to the principle "Whatever you want someone else to do to you, do it to them! (cf. Gospel of Matthew chapter 7 verse 12, Bible).
Weekly Koinonia conference as a platform for joint reflection, planning and contributing own ideas.

Dealing with questions of values and faith

Imparting and voluntarily experiencing Christian values through prayers before meals, celebrating Christian festivals, participating in & organising Christian events.
Joint planning and implementation of humanitarian aid projects (e.g. aid transports to Romania, exchange, contact and joint holidays with children's homes in Romania, well construction project).
Prejudice-free confrontation with other religions and world views to prevent racism.


Joint summer holiday with the houseparents at home or abroad.
Annual hiking weekend with all staff and children from Lebenshaus.
Individually designed short trips in a small group setting.

... Of the carrier


... through professional reflection, case consultation and further training of staff.
... through staff participation in the further development of concepts.
... through a higher staffing ratio in the daily work.


... through team-internal evaluation and reflection of the group situation.
... by involving external specialists to help with difficulties that arise (supervision; educational counselling).
... through professional exchange with other facilities of similar size and concept.


Further training for staff in various areas of child and youth welfare, depending on their interests.
Use of information events organised by our umbrella organisation as well as youth welfare offices or professional associations.

possible additional benefits of the carrier


Through a stable and extensive worldwide network in countries such as Romania, China and the USA, community projects are supported together with the children and a cultural understanding is developed.


Every young person has the opportunity to consult a lawyer (specialist in labour law, family law as well as business mediator and family mediator) and a tax consultant free of charge. Legal and business support when entering professional life and other concerns.

Profession and education

The executing agency supports the students and young people in the search for and placement of internships, up to apprenticeship positions

Stay abroad

Depending on its financial resources, the sponsor would like to give children the opportunity to gain cultural experience through a stay abroad. The aim of this project is to support the children in their personal development.