Corona update, 17.06.2020:

In the meantime, we have received a number of messages asking whether there will be an online Lifehouse or whether and when Lifehouse will take place again, etc....

So here is some info on that:

- No, we will not be organising an online lifehouse for the time being. We don't have the time, know-how and legal conditions to do so.

- Yes, there will definitely be Lifehouse here again! We can't say when that will be at the moment. We will inform you in time here on the site and also on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram).

- For the time until Lifehouse continues, we have something else for you: encouragement podcast series from Lifehouse. Take a look at our Youtube channel. UCxvdCkG-vaBcAUEBbxyUVNg

Keep safe until we meet again,

Your Lifehouse Team


What is Lifehouse?

With the Lifehouse project, the Koinonia Life House opens its doors to young people from the village and the surrounding area! At regular intervals, we want to invite young people from the age of 13 to our Lifehouse and experience evenings full of fellowship and encouragement. In the warehouse adjacent to the house, we will make it cosy and youthful and organise great evenings in cooperation with the various youth ministries of the local (church) congregations.

These evenings are filled with good music, encouraging messages and the opportunity to build and maintain genuine and supportive relationships with each other. Not only for the young people from Betzweiler-Wälde and the surrounding area, but also for the residents of Lebenshaus Koinonia, Lifehouse is a good platform to get involved with one's gifts and talents, to help shape things and to experience a strong community with others!

5.1 Lifehouse03

Module 1: Worship

Jesus, our Lord at the centre
- Celebrating HIM together and encountering HIM.

5.1 Lifehouse02

Module 2: Message

God's word in our midst
- encourage through the power of His Word and know God's will more and more.

5.1 Lifehouse04

Component 3: Fellowship

Body of Christ here in this world
- growing together and sharing life beyond church boundaries.

Are you in?

If Lifehouse appeals to you and you would like more information about the project or would like to get involved and support it, please contact Jenny Link directly.


Phone: 07455/9467803