Koinonia is on our agenda at Lebenshaus
and should be the basis for living together and everything else!

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"Koinonia- what does that mean?"

- This question was asked again and again during the development process of our facility and still comes up after a few years of existence. At this point, we would like to briefly explain what this strange word is all about, where it comes from and why our child and youth care facility has been given this name.


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Koinonia comes from the Greek (κοινωνία) and means 'community through participation'. In the Bible, koinonia plays an important role especially when it came to the living together of the first Christians. Koinonia was this kind of community in which connectedness, participation, commitment and being on the way together - regardless of current feelings or emotions - played an important role.


Koinonia today

Especially in today's fast-moving and often non-committal society, this kind of community and sympathy is a rare commodity. All the more it is needed by people, especially young people, to find security and a foothold in life. Especially adolescents, whose family and origin structures are fragile or no longer exist, urgently need this binding community and participation.

3.3 Outlook

Koinonia in the house of life

The Koinonia Life House is intended to be a place where children and young people from such broken structures can find a home and learn anew (or for the first time) to become involved in a community and, above all, to actively participate and help shape it. Everyday life in the Lebenshaus may and should be shaped and lived together by all residents and staff.